We will present full file to France on Qatar: Saudi Foreign Minister

Amos Gonzales
July 17, 2017

About France's position on the Qatar crisis, he said it consists of a number of points, including the firm commitment of all to fight terrorism, and stand against those who support and finance terrorism, stressing the need for the GCC countries to stay united as an impenetrable barrier against terrorists. He even seemed to welcome the possibility of a future with no ties to Qatar at all: "Although we may lose the confusing and confused neighbor with its own social fabric, we will be gaining clarity and transparency". They [Qatar] were known as funders of terrorism.

With little chance of Federation Internationale de Football Association acting on the demand any time soon, the move suggests that the alliance, struggling to figure a way forward amid mounting global pressure for a face-saving way out of the six-week-old Gulf crisis, needs to be seen to be acting on its hitherto unfulfilled promise to tighten the screws on Qatar.

"The reality is we are far from a political solution that changes Qatar's course". So when the time comes to resolve it, some Egyptians fear they will find themselves outside the framework of the settlement.

Saudi Ambassador to Khartoum Ali bin Hassan Jaafar earlier this month urged Sudan to take "clear stance" on the ongoing Gulf crisis, accusing Qatar of seeking the backing of two states with regional ambitions, Turkey and Iran. Qatar has denied the accusations.

The deadline was extended by 48 hours on Sunday at the request of Kuwait, which is mediating in the crisis, and Qatar handed in the response on Monday.

So now, Egypt will focus on economic and political measures, with the possibility of resorting to the Security Council to investigate alternatives to military action.

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Last month, Qatar had ties with six Arab counties cut because they considered the Gulf state a base of terrorism.

That said, the quartet appears reluctant to escalate the crisis further, especially without global support, which they have been unable to garner. But it was embarrassing for Doha when CNN leaked details of its non-compliance with previous agreements that made similar demands.

Since Qatar's response seemed unsatisfactory to them, the four have chose to maintain their sanctions.

Doha will likely remain stubborn and supportive of terrorism, so there will be no choice but to put more pressure on it.

The French minister expressed his concern about the current crisis with Qatar and its political and economic impact.

But after the top US diplomat left the region, the UAE state minister for foreign affairs went on a tweetstorm in Arabic, saying the rift is "far from a political solution" and that the countries face a "long estrangement".

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