Trump hints at future talks on Paris climate accord, division still deep

Amos Gonzales
July 15, 2017

"#Trump telling France's First Lady "you're in such good shape" epitomizes men toeing the line between compliment & sexual harassment", wrote Twitter user Alex Berg (@AlexfromPhilly), a free-lance video producer and writer who works on feminist and gender issues.

"You're in such good shape", the the president said to Mrs. Macron.

The photo depicts Trump and Macron standing in the center, with Macron's wife Brigitte standing next to the US President and Melania Trump, posing between the French President and the restaurant's chief.

Earlier on Thursday, the 39-year-old French leader said he had a "strong disagreement. about the climate" deal with Mr Trump, adding, "I hope in the end to be able to persuade him".

Trump then took a step back and appraised Brigitte, looking her up and down. Trump received a "bling bling" reception in Paris Thursday, as Libération put it. Responding to a question about terrorism in France, Trump said Macron would not be "easy on people who are breaking the law".

Brigitte Macron greeting Donald Trump during a ceremony at Les Invalides in Paris, on July 13. Without letting go of Macron, Trump also grabbed Brigitte Macron's hand, shaking hands with both the Macrons for several seconds.

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Trump will the first USA president to have participated in the ceremonies since 1989.

As Trump, 71, and Macron, 39, bid farewell to their wives before heading into a meeting, Trump reportedly looked 64-year-old Brigitte up and down and then said, "You know, you're in such great shape... lovely".

Paris is to commemorate the centennial of the US's entry into World War I, with Trump planned to attend a ceremony as guest of honor to watch USA and French troops parade along the Champs Elysees avenue.

"You know, you're in such great shape", he said.

Because the White House released a transcript that initially excluded his admission, reporters chose to release the quote on their own.

If the verbal exchange wasn't enough, there was also a physical one, where it looked like Macron was actively trying to pull away from Trump.

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