Samsung Bixby voice assistant pegged for 18th July launch

Joan Terry
July 14, 2017

Samsung's digital assistant was originally supposed to be launching with the Galaxy S8, with Samsung even going so far as to put a dedicated button on the side of the flagship phone to activate it. Months have passed, and users in English speaking regions are yet to hear Bixby's dulcet tones. If the latest reports are to be believed, the South Korean giant is also working on its own news app "News Today". The app will reportedly allow users to search for and browse various podcasts, and the Bixby Voice integration will come in the form of being able to enlist Bixby's help in navigating the app and finding podcasts. There is support for Bixby Voice which means that users can also use their voice to ask the app to play a particular podcast and control it. Apple and Google already have their own respective news apps, so it isn't really all that surprising that Samsung wants to do the same.

Samsung continues to be just as committed to its Google alliance as to competing against certain Mountain View-developed software products that haven't yet conquered the world. Samsung's smart speaker is said to be now codenamed as "Vega".

It also joined the AI race with the Bixby voice assistant to counter Google Assistant and Apple's Siri.

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As of now, this is all we have got on the rumoured News Today app.

Bixby, Samsung's long-delayed voice assistant, looks set to launch next week, after an internal memo detailing the company's plans was leaked to Reddit. The Flipboard app's news services are available on some of Samsung's smartphones straight out of the box.

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