Reebok mocks Trump's compliments of Macron's wife

Vincent Carr
July 17, 2017

The footage reveals the presence of #Melania Trump during the conversation between her husband and Macron's wife.

"He understood the sense of my approach, notably the link that exists between global warming and terrorism".

So what if Bastille Day is supposed to be a reminder of why France rejected the monarchy in the first place.

Bishop assured Australian voters that the U.S. government was still upholding the refugee swap agreement, saying the Turnbull government had been given assurances by Trump and the vice-president, Mike Pence, that the agreement would be adhered to. In a different picture captured earlier, Mr Trump and Mr Macron appeared tensed with US President explaining something to his French counterpart. "He said he would try to find a solution in the coming months".

Late Friday, Reebok unexpectedly stepped into the fray, tweeting out a tongue-in-cheek flowchart to help people decide when would be the right time to make the same remarks as Trump.

BEARDSLEY: History professor Kaspi says given that German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not have a close relationship with Trump and that British Prime Minister Theresa May is politically weakened, Macron now has a special role in U.S. "We'll see what happens", he said.

R. Kelly Is Reportedly Keeping Women Captive In An Abusive Sex Cult
One of the women in question, a singer from Georgia, was contacted by the police at her parents request for a "well-being check". Kelly, 50, also reportedly controls almost every aspect of the women's lives-telling each one what to eat and how to dress.

Macron defended his outreach to Trump, whose "America first" policies have elicited worry and disdain in Europe. Although Trump came out against the agreement during the campaign, the Washington Post reported that there was a vigorous internal debate at the White House about whether or not the US should withdraw.

Trump said the USA and France face "grave threats from terrorist organizations that wage war on innocent lives", but said the countries "stand united against these enemies of humanity".

It's entirely possible that Trump will opt to rejoin the climate accords.

Trump sat between his wife and Macron on the presidential viewing stand, an overhang shading them from the baking sun.

The news came as separate reports suggested the White House was keen to use the UN's Green Climate Fund to invest in new coal plants in developing countries.

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