Redskins Nation anticipating no deal for Kirk Cousins

Sandy Mccarthy
July 17, 2017

According to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, Cousins is not expected to sign a long-term deal by Monday's franchise tag deadline, and will instead play out the season on the tag.

If Cousins plays under the franchise tag for a second straight year, he is guaranteed to make almost $24 million. But he also will become the first quarterback in National Football League history to play two straight seasons under the franchise tag, giving him more leverage than any player has had in any recent year. Under that scenario, Cousins would be unable to negotiate with any other teams. The 49ers could have a quarterback vacancy next season. And, on Sunday, that was all but confirmed with just over 24 hours before the July 17 deadline to sign franchise tagged players.

What happens if Redskins tag Cousins again next year?

Washington will then have to watch and see if Cousins can go out and produce another strong statistical season and perhaps even compete for a playoff spot.

By not signing Cousins, the Redskins are saying they don't believe Cousins can win a Super Bowl. On top of that, it's been reported Cousins is really dissatisfied with the way things have gone in Washington. I don't know, that's what negotiations are for, and it's possible Washington's management could come up with more dollars at the last moment. The NFL's franchise tag rules make it extremely onerous for teams to use the tag on the same player multiple times, so Cousins stands to make an exorbitant guaranteed salary if Washington attempts to use it again in 2018.

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Within the transition tag is a player option to sign a one-year deal for a 20 percent raise with his original team.

Indeed, Cousins likely will make huge money in free agency next offseason.

And 2018 begins with the QB the 49ers wanted all along.

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