Overwatch Update Brings New Doomfist Skins

Joan Terry
July 14, 2017

Note: In order to access the PTR, you must have installed Overwatch and logged into the game at least once.

Doomfist was finally added to Overwatch's PTR last week after months of speculation and rumors in an update that made a series of other changes as well.

There is no specific release date yet for Doomfist, but dataminers have discovered that the brawler will launch with 67 cosmetics and four more event-specific items for an unannounced Summer Games event. Arguably, Zarya's update is the biggest one of this patch for "Overwatch". Rocket Punch also goes through shielded heroes such as Orisa and Reinhardt. There are further changes to Doomfist's Rocket Punch, whose total distance travelled has been reduced by roughly 20% (this has been on the PTR for a while now).

According to Polygon, "Overwatch" players may find that Akanda Ogundimu, who is better known as the new PTR character Doomfist, has two legendary skins. Moreover, when players use Seismic Slam, it can only aim at targets lower than the character's height.

More heat and humidity for the end of the week
A few widely-spaced pulse-type storms will be possible today for a few folks but the coverage is expected to remain very low. For now it looks like we'll start next week with highs in the upper 80s and some scattered showers and storms.

While Doomfist was found to be too powerful, the Overwatch development team chose to increase the power of four other heroes. When using Charge against another rampaging hero, damage will no longer be assigned to either character, but knockdowns will still take effect.

Another tank - Reinhardt for instance, now has a 10 percent increase in his Swing speed alongside an enhanced responsiveness on his Hammer. Both heroes will still get knocked down though.

For Reaper, Shadow Step makes VO and SFX distance significantly decrease.

"Overwatch's" Zarya performing her ult. This makes her much more unsafe against Tracer and allows her to better team up with Doomfist, who can follow up the Graviton Surge with his own Meteor Strike ultimate for massive damage. In addition to sucking in and trapping all enemies caught in the vortex, Graviton now also disables all movement abilities of affected targets, similar to how Junkrat's trap affects abilities.

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