'Kingdom Hearts III' visits Disney's magical worlds in 2018

Joan Terry
July 16, 2017

During Disney's D23 Expo today, there was a quick presentation and trailer that finally let loose some additional details about when and what we can expect from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. Director Tetsuya Nomura then arrived to help introduce the new content during Disney's gaming-focused panel, streamed live this afternoon.

Sora and friends will be able to travel to the world of Toy Story and join forces with the likes of Woody and Buzz to fight against other sentient toys. The gameplay trailer shows Sora unleashing a devastating array of attacks on a myriad of foes and even hijacking toy robots to use on their former allies. This trailer adds one more: Toy Story. Even John Lasseter, head of the animation studio, got involved with the film's Kingdom Hearts debut.

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Kingdom Hearts III is the third chapter of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, started with the first game on PlayStation 2, released in March 2002, which incidentally means that this is the 15th anniversary year for the series.

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