Jordan soldier gets life for killing U.S. troops

Vincent Carr
July 17, 2017

A Jordanian military court on Monday slapped a soldier, who had killed three American trainers past year, with a life sentence.

Jordan and the US are close allies, and the incident added strain to the relationship.

Jordan, a Middle East monarchy, is a key USA ally, providing Washington with an area of operations that has relative stability and a strategic location that has allowed it to work toward its aims in the Syrian civil war and the fight against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), carrying out bombing raids from Jordanian airfields.

Davis wouldn't comment on possible motives for the killing.

Tawaiha, who has been in custody since November, said that he opened fire on cars carrying the U.S. trainers after hearing gunshots and suspecting an attack on the base.

The defendant, al-Tuwayha, as well as some other gate guards on duty that night, testified that they heard what might have been a gun shot coming from the direction of the United States convey.

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Moriarty's actions distracted their attacker, allowing a fourth Green Beret to come around the other side of a cement barrier and fire at the guard until al-Tawayha "fell to the ground and was no longer a threat".

The defendant maintains that he had "no intention of killing anyone" and had no resentment towards Americans. He was seriously wounded in the exchange.

But video footage of the shooting, described by the relatives who have seen it, said the shooting lasted six minutes, and shows the defendant reloading his gun and shooting at the Americans, even as they waved their hands and yelled, "We're Americans!"

Al-Tawaiha said he had fired at the USA troops because he believed that the base was under attack.

Some of the relatives have questioned why the video was not screened at the trial and why the court did not ask a surviving US soldier to testify, despite what they said was his willingness to do so. "I mean for us as losing our sons and knowing the man that killed him will spend 20 years in prison, but also for his family that because of his actions ... lost a father, a husband, a provider".

Monday's verdict is still subject to appeal, his lawyer Sobhi al-Mawas told Anadolu Agency.

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