Iconic MMORPG RuneScape is coming to mobile this winter

Fernando Stephens
July 17, 2017

Over the past few days, the developers have been teasing a major announcement for the now sixteen year old title, and today it has finally been revealed that an optimised mobile client for the current RuneScape, as well as the Old School retro alternative, will both be available for iOS and Android devices in 2018 and Winter 2017 respectively. This game runs as a regular desktop program, but older versions were browser-based.

PC to mobile cross-platform play is coming to Runescape. What's more, it'll support cross-play between mobile and PC.

"As a MMO player, you ideally want to play at any time of the day or night no matter where you are", Jagex senior product director Neil McClarty said.

If you're a fan of fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online thingamabob RuneScape (and the game has 250 million registered player accounts, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that you are), you might be interested to know that you'll soon be able to play the game seamlessly between PC and mobile devices. With MMORPGs being so time consuming and grind heavy, the ability to, say, lay in bed for an hour before you go to sleep and get in a little extra questing could go a huge way to improving players' overall experience.

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Jagex claims that these two games will be the first "mainstream and fully-established" MMORPGs from a Western developer to make the jump to mobile and to feature the interoperable play functions.

Phil Mansell, chief operating officer at Jagex added: "This is a real step change for MMORPGs and a signal of Jagex's intent to continue to push the boundaries of live games".

Though Runescape's numbers may have dwindled in recent years, it could be this branching to mobile is just what the game needs to bring back players.

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