'Game of Thrones': Three Reasons Jamie Will Kill Cersei

Virginia Carter
July 16, 2017

The Starks might have their reunion soon, but they probably won't all make it out alive. They survived many unsafe situations, including being held prisoner at Harrenhal, which they eventually escaped.

Almost all Game of Thrones fans agree that Cersei Lannister will be killed before the HBO hit airs its final episode. "And he's lost Hodor, he's lost his direwolf, and so he's very much on his own". Now he is the Three-Eyed Raven, he doesn't have a mentor, and it's go time.Well, it's really worrying that he's had to jump into this, because the Three-Eyed Raven himself said to Bran, "You're not ready for this". But whose death will it be?

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who play playing on-screen lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte attended the season seven premiere of their hit HBO show. Yet in the Season 6 finale when Jon was declared King in the North, she and Littlefinger shared a look which suggested her loyalties may not be as true as some presume. "But you're like, 'I don't know how this is going to come together at all.'...and then you give it over to the experts...and you see what they produce".

We really hope that Bran can live a fulfilling life once all the fighting is over.

"When we first catch up with Littlefinger it's nearly like a direct push from when we last saw him in Season Six". Once his objective is spent, much like Jojen before him, he too might die. She donned a long attractive, green dress - something her alter-ego would never wear. Will Jaime think she's finally gone too far?

But Littlefinger is still alive and close, and his machinations are unsafe to become involved in.

And the final part of the prophecy, which was not included in the TV series (but it is in the book), was that Cersei's younger brother would eventually kill her. Jaime has killed a reigning monarch before for the good of the realm, so he might have to take matter into his own hands once again.

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In my opinion, the only serious contenders are Cersei, Dany and (let's be real, guys) Sansa. This time, the vision lasts longer and Bran witnesses the truth of what happened there: Lyanna died giving birth and her dying words to Ned, "promise me", were in regards to keeping the child of her and Rhaegar Targaryen safe. But choosing between her, Arya and Daenerys might be hard.

But Arya's decisions won't come without a price. She's had disgusting luck with marriages, lost about half her family (all of it, in the public perception), and has somehow come through it with her sanity intact.

Don't hold your breath for that Lady Stoneheart storyline, "Game of Thrones" fans. Her way of helping Jon succeed might involve something truly unheard of - but with her motivations probably reaching their end once her enemies are all dead, it's hard to imagine what might happen after that. Everything she has done since leaving King's Landing has been in pursuit of her family and a list of people to kill... and she's more than likely to sacrifice herself for the sake of taking down that list, once that family is found. After everything he's been through, he's finally amassed an army and become King of the North, with some incredible people at his side, like Sansa and Lyanna Mormont.

One popular fan theory is that Gendry, who is known to be a skilled blacksmith, will link up with Sam Tarly, who finds the formula for Valyrian steel in the Citadel library. The revelation that Jon is a Targaryen could go both ways: it might give Jon added favor in the eyes of the people, or seal a bad fate. Will the Faceless Man come after her for her theft?

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in the "Game of Thrones".

After rowing for an eternity, HBO have confirmed the news that Gendry, a major character in the first three seasons of Game of Thrones, will be making his long, long, long-awaited return in the seventh series of the show.

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