European Union parliament condemns UK Brexit proposals on citizen rights

Jay Anderson
July 16, 2017

Mr Blair also claimed European leaders would be willing to tighten up the free movement of people as a way to avoid Britain leaving the EU.

"This time past year we were the fastest growing economy in the G7, we're now the slowest".

He said Labour should end its "ambiguity" on Brexit and do more to differentiate its position from that of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative government.

In an interview set to be aired on Sky News Sunday, he said "I think it's possible now that Brexit doesn't happen".

However, he also claimed his judgement hasn't changed over the "risks" if the left-wing veteran becomes prime minister, and suggested the "determining factor" in the recent election was the Tory campaign. We're now knowing a lot more about what it really means.

Earlier, Mr Blair praised Mr Corbyn's "remarkable" result in last month's general election - robbing Theresa May of her overall Commons majority - but warned that his hard left policies would be a disaster for the economy.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met with the chief Brexit negotiator for the EU, Michel Barnier, in the Belgian capital Brussels on Thursday to explore possible ways to preserve partnership with the bloc.

"We think we can negotiate access and that will protect jobs and will protect the economy".

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Mr Blair recently wrapped up his controversial business interests and has since founded his own Institute for Global Change.

"I pay tribute to Jeremy Corbyn's temperament in the campaign, to the campaign's mobilization of younger voters and to the enthusiasm it generated", Blair, normally a Corbyn critic, said.

Blair also told Sky News that "every day is bringing us fresh evidence" of Brexit's harm to Britain, with economic growth slowing and the value of the pound down sharply since the June 2016 European Union membership referendum.

"Reform is now on Europe's agenda", he said. The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement.

"Given what is at stake, and what, daily, we are discovering about the costs of Brexit, how can it be right deliberately to take off the table the option of compromise between Britain and Europe so that Britain stays within a reformed Europe?" he said.

"Yet this option is excluded".

Responding to Mr Blair's intervention, Mr Corbyn insisted one of his predecessors as Labour leader was "perfectly entitled to give any opinion he wishes, as is anybody else".

Tony Blair, pictured left, said the election of French President Emmanuel Macron opened up the potential of Britain staying in the EU. "The British people's attitude to Europe is ambivalent", Blair said.

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