Cowards Be Gone - Geese Howard Joins the Cast of Tekken 7

Fernando Stephens
July 17, 2017

The recent EVO 2017 fighting game tournament had a ton of blockbuster news for fans, including announcements for Bandai Namco's Tekken 7.

Following on from the inclusion of Akuma from Street Fighter, Tekken 7 is set to receive another guest character from a rival fighting game series: Geese Howard from Fatal Fury. As it turns out, the next add-on character for the title has been revealed and it's none other than Fatal Fury's Geese Howard.

In addition, a new character will be revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event. The game's first DLC pack will not only come with more than 50 new costumes, it will also mark the return of a beloved mode from the past.

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The views were echoed by Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey , who pleaded with fans not to watch the leaked footage. Call of Duty: WWII launches November 3 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4.

Geese will join the fray in Tekken 7 this winter, retaining his imposing look, even if he certainly looks quite interesting and a bit more realistic in his Unreal Engine 4 rendition.

Geese Howard originally appeared in the 1991 SNK fighter, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters as a crime boss in the fictional city of South Town. No other characters have been confirmed just yet, but it's likely we'll see a few more announced in the months ahead.

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