Abigail and his freaky muscles coming to Street Fighter V July 25

Joan Terry
July 17, 2017

Alex, Ibuki, and Juri are all getting a classic makeover based on their original costumes from Street Fighter III and Street Fighter VI to go along with the classic skins for Ryu and Ken that are already in the game's story mode.

Capcom announced before the top eight finals at Evo 2017 fighting tournament, that Abigail will be coming to Street Fighter 5. Another hulking member of the gang, Hugo, previously appeared in the franchise in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, but it is now Abigail's turn to wreak havoc.

With all that said, it is now expected that Abigail will indeed be the next character to be included in the "Street Fighter 5" roster via DLC. He also looks dead hard.

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Releasing for season pass holders on July 25 alongside the Metro City Bar arena, Abigail will be the fourth of six planned DLC characters for Street Fighter 5 Season 2, and as you can see in the trailer below, he's just huge.

Starting next week they will not only fix some technical issues within the game's network code, but they'll also include a new character and arena. Suzaku Castle is meant to be Ryu's dojo where he lives and trains with his friend and master. Until now, Capcom has brought in Ed, Kolin, and Akuma for the game's second season. The latter will cost players $29.99, and comes with the other DLC characters for season two.

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