Microsoft debuts Xbox One X

Fernando Stephens
June 19, 2017

Microsoft understands this argument and perception, according to Spencer.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X during the recent E3 event. Xbox One S shipped last year, the X is shipping this year, I love our hardware line.

Apart from the PlayStation players wanting to join the "Minecraft" party, Ryan's explanation also did not sit well with Xbox chief Phil Spencer, who took Ryan's statement as "an assertion that somehow [Microsoft is] not keeping "Minecraft" players safe". Even after having a huge customer base, Sony struggled so hard to convince people to try PSVR. However we should not be expecting that the library of original Xbox games playable on Xbox One will be as extensive as the backwards compatibility lineup of the Xbox 360. The question at hand was, "Will the backward compatible original Xbox games come with achievements, even though achievements were introduced on the 360?". The dedicated computer games are now costly compared to the console games.

Project Scorpio is official and it's now known as the Xbox One X, an powerful powerful console that will soon compliment the Xbox One S. But while there is eager anticipation of true 4K gaming, and a wealth of titles to look forward to, there is something of a dark shadow hanging over the upcoming console: that price. I think Microsoft still has some selling to do. In a time like this, a very pleasant news has arrived about a new video game console manufacturer and a new competing console. The emulation team are going two generations back, and in some cases, are going after games that have long since passed their expiration date when it comes to graphics and stability.

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The growth of 4K TV shipments is not so good.

So, whether you're looking to upgrade your current Xbox or jump ship to a new system altogether, here are all the major areas where the Xbox One X outdoes the PS4 Pro. We can not just open the console and implement a new GPU as per the latest trend. Sounds weird, but who knows what future holds.

By then, PS5 should be able to offer "true" 4K gaming unlike the PS4 Pro, which just offers a glimpse into what 4K gaming could look like. So, what's that move? The Sony PS4 Pro sells at a price of $399.

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