Horrifying moment girl falls from ride at Six Flags

Cameron Gross
June 26, 2017

A 14-year-old girl visiting from DE survived a 25-foot fall from a stopped gondola ride at a Six Flags in upstate New York Saturday night. A group of men banded together to catch her, while another climbed a tree to remove branches which were impeding their rescue effort.

On Sunday, park officials noted they won't be running the gondola ride despite the fact that it is cleared for operation.

The teenager was on the ride with a child relative when she fell from the two-person auto, the Warren County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. Some local news reports say the girl who fell was "seriously injured", while others say she was not.

They were able to catch her, but Lent says watching it all unfold was hard.

The operator stopped the slow moving gondoala-style attraction sometime around 8-p-m after receiving a radio transmission from park staff on the ground about a rider who was in distress. The teen was dangling from her gondola, and, as you'll see in the Facebook video below, her neck appeared to be trapped between the bars and the vehicle.

Crowds which had gathered to watch the drama unfold cheered as the men took the girl to safety.

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"As my dad went down I held her up and passed her along", Winchell said.

Her little brother was shaken up but uninjured otherwise, she said.

The girl was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital, and luckily, she has no serious injuries. She was transported to an area hospital and we are in the process of gathering more information.

The Six Flags ride from which the girl fell is called the "Sky Ride". The park said in a statement that the safety of guests is a top priority.

Officials at Great Escape say there wasn't any malfunction with the ride.

Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services, a Cincinnati-based industry consultant, said he was familiar with the Sky Ride from visits to the park with his longtime friend, the late Charles Wood, the park's founder.

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