Cosby trial accuser thanks supporters for love, kindness

Virginia Carter
June 20, 2017

The judge is right, justice is real and it lives here in Montgomery County. Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele will retry Cosby. "Mr. Cosby is fortunate he is able to afford good counsel and has resources to conduct investigations".

Steele has already said that he will seek a second trial, and Constand's lawyer, Dolores Troiani, told ABC News that the way to win was to do things differently. The judge will gather the parties together for a conference soon, and a new trial date within the next 120 days will be picked. "Every time a question came in that seemed detrimental [to Cosby], I thought a guilty verdict was coming", she says.

McCloskey posted his juror ID badge on Facebook to prove he was on the alternate jury.

"I have been greatly concerned for his health, I don't know if I can survive what he survived this week", he said. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision.

In the retrial, District Attorney Kevin Steele could ask the judge to let more of Cosby's 60 accusers testify or disclose to jurors that Constand is gay.

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Prosecutors, who intend to retry Cosby, filed a motion on Monday urging O'Neill to refrain from identifying the jurors, arguing that widespread coverage of their deliberations could influence jurors for the retrial. "So we hope doing this and moving forward in this case sends a strong message that victims of these types of crimes can come forward and be heard". The jurors did not mention anything about the deadlock again until Saturday when they announced they were "hopelessly deadlocked" and that the deadlock could not be resolved by additional deliberations.

A judge will hear arguments on whether the names of the jurors at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial should be made public. For the prosecution, a second trial provides the opportunity to present a battle-tested key witness.

Montgomery County Judge Steve O'Neill agreed to keep jurors' identities under seal. The entertainer says what happened was consensual.

The jury on Saturday deadlocked on charges that Cosby drugged and molested a woman in 2004, resulting in a mistrial. On the flip side, at least one of the jurors was left doubting Constand's own evidence, fixating on some of the inconsistencies highlighted during cross-examination - unconvinced by the testimony of a further Cosby accuser and even Cosby's own disturbing words from a prior civil deposition in which he admitted administering drugs to Constand in a past sexual encounter. While Constand appears ready and willing to courageous the witness box again, she is painfully aware of the message delivered by the jury's deadlock. But O'Neill said as long as the jury wished to deliberate he would allow them to do so. At one point during the trial, McMonagle stood beside Cosby and suggested to jurors that while Cosby may have been an unfaithful husband, that didn't make him a criminal.

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