Celebs share their best father photos and memories

Virginia Carter
June 19, 2017

You are the sweetest and loveliest Dad and fortunately, you are my Dad. Most people pray to talk to God-I pray in the hopes of you actually hearing me. Especially on the occasion of Father's Day one can send their valuable and lovable message to dad and can show their admiration towards him.

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.

As a child, Roddy said, she loved her great-grandmother deeply, visited her every year and treasures the poems, books and notes she gave her, including one welcoming her to the world on the year she was born.

If your father is, or was, a wise and loving guide, honor him today. After 14 years, she still loves you, we all do. Father's day quotes are the awesome expression of love to show the father. We need to get fathers in with the 2017 sense of humor and that is personified by memes.

The management at Levy Park mall have put up something to remind shoppers about Father's Day - camp chairs, a fishing rod and a camping tent in the usual display corner.

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Fathers should be examples of Godly manhood for their sons to learn from, and they won't bale out on their family when things get a little rough. When I was late with Father's Day wishes, you forgave me (right?).

So while I do miss my father today, I don't miss trying to find a Father's Day gift that was truly a representation of how much I loved my dad. You spoiled us, while mom is the strict one.

Then I think about my husband and how lucky my girls are to have such a great Dad. Our children should be just as proud of you as you are of them.

"He's really good about having an unbiased opinion when he listens to things that are going on in my life, and so because of that - because he's such a good listener - I totally trust his opinion on things", Steele said. This constant barrage of media reminding me that my father is dead makes me want to throw my technology out the window and disappear. You taught me the things that you liked and you let me teach the things that I knew before you did.

Fathers play many vital roles - provider, protector, teacher, friend. These meaningful conversations with loved ones can create a treasure-trove of stories for future generations to cherish and can help you meaningfully celebrate his life when the time comes. He built a handsome log home that I called home for almost 20 years.

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