Britain To Hold Special Two Year Parliament Session To Tackle Brexit

Fernando Stephens
June 19, 2017

Mr Davis will be in Brussels to open two years of negotiations with the European Union on the terms of Britain's withdrawal.

Brexit Minister David Davis will this morning meet with chief European Union negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels for the first day of what he described as "historic" talks that will set Britain on the road to leaving the EU.

But the turmoil of the euro zone crisis, fears in Britain about immigration and a series of miscalculations by former Prime Minister David Cameron prompted Britain to vote by 52 to 48 percent for Brexit in a June 23 referendum previous year.

The government has developed a strategy of so-called "hard Brexit": leaving the European single market and the customs union in order to control immigration from the EU.

Theresa May's own political survival is in doubt after she lost majority in the June 8 snap polls.

However, it faces the prospect of delivering a Queen's speech while still thrashing out a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.

And he asked: "Is the populist illusion to limit free movement of people more important than the prosperity and fortune of the British workers, the British industry, the British companies and the British economy?"

London-based banking giant HSBC said Friday that it would keep more jobs in Britain depending on the government's approach to Brexit.

Spin from sources close to Mr Davis over the weekend suggests that he is willing to make "major" concessions in accepting that timeframe on Monday, and in accepting that the initial discussions will not come up with a financial settlement but a means of calculating it - positions that have been widely acknowledged informally in Brussels for some time although the British had soken bublicly of their hope that the talks would be simultaneous, in parallel.

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Jeremy Corbyn , whose constituency includes Finsbury Park, said he was "totally shocked" by the event, the Daily Mirror reports. Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is newly influential after winning a crucial 13 seats in Scotland, has said Britain should prioritise "freedom to trade and our economic growth".

Mr Verhofstadt demanded to know whether the inconclusive result of the General Election would mean any change in the UK Government's plans to take Britain out of the single market, customs union and jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. "That s a statement of legal fact", he told BBC television.

It is also 82 days after Theresa May sent a letter formally notifying the European Council of Britain's intention to withdraw.

But Hammond said transitional arrangements would be necessary, to give business greater certainty.

Before moving onto the future EU-UK relationship and a possible trade deal, the talks will first focus on three key divorce issues, including Britain's exit bill, estimated by Brussels at around €100 billion, the rights of three million EU nationals living in Britain and one million Britons on the continent, and the status of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. They also have a strong incentive to deny the United Kingdom a deal so attractive it might encourage others to follow the British example.

The EU says Britain must honour its contributions to the bloc's budget, which has already been agreed up to 2020, as well as commitments to development programmes for poorer member states.

The chancellor said he would reject any deal "designed to destroy us".

Parliament will sit for two years instead of the typical one to prepare for Brexit, the government said over the weekend.

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