US sticking by Iran nuclear deal is good news for Rouhani

Vincent Carr
May 19, 2017

But while acknowledging that the deal would remain in place, the administration imposed modest new sanctions against several Iranian individuals and four organizations, including a China-based network that supplied missile-related items to a key Iranian defense entity.

It came days before Trump's deadline to make a decision on whether to issue waivers temporarily suspending some anti-Iran sanctions.

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is extending sanctions relief for Iran that was granted under the 2015 nuclear agreement, while imposing new economic penalties over Iranian ballistic-missile activity.

Washington has labeled Iran as a "state sponsor of terrorism" and accuses it of sowing instability in the region through its backing of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime, Hezbollah militia in Lebanon and Houthi rebels in Yemen's civil war.

Nevertheless, he added, the Treasury will apply new targeted sanctions on individuals and firms helping Iran's banned ballistic missile program and to hold Tehran to account for rights abuses.

The sanctions block them accessing any assets they may have in the United States and forbids people from doing business with them, at the risk of being blacklisted by the US.

Still, the USA paired the announcement with new, unrelated sanctions that go after Iran for a ballistic missiles program that Washington fears could target American interests in the Middle East or key allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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He said the USA will never allow the regime in Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The United States passed up a chance to reimpose sanctions on Tehran's nuclear program Wednesday, deciding to stand by an global accord two days before Iran goes to the polls.

Pulling out in the absence of clear Iranian violations would likely upset US allies and other nations involved in making the deal work. Because of that, it's unlikely that Trump would be able to obtain agreement from any of the American allies that were involved in the talks that lead up to the deal, much less from Russian Federation and China.

"From the very beginning, it's been clear they couldn't renege on the deal without cause", said Gary Samore, President Barack Obama's top nuclear adviser in the first term, who helped organize the pressure campaign on Iran that ultimately led it to the negotiating table. However, they have been temporarily put on the backburner, prior to the presidential election in Iran. This secrecy was deliberately negotiated into the deal to prevent Congress and the American people from seeing the scope of Obama's betrayal.

The US says the programme is a breach of worldwide law because the missiles could carry nuclear warheads in the future. In a matter of a couple of months, Iran could have a workable bomb.

Mr Trump, who has called the deal the worst in history, is also due to visit Saudi Arabia, Iran's traditional enemy, on the very day of the election.

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