UK's Theresa May renews vow to cut immigration below 100000

Amos Gonzales
May 19, 2017

The manifesto said: "We will lift the ban on the establishment of new selective schools subject to conditions such as allowing pupils to join at other ages".

She has promised fundamental - though yet to be detailed - reforms to fix problems ranging from arrogant elites and venal bosses to workers' rights, immigration and Britain's obsession with class privilege.

The Sun reports that rail ticketing, landlord agreements and mobile phone deals will all be simplified to help consumers.

Theresa May has promised to govern for "mainstream Britain" as she launched a Conservative manifesto focused on delivering a strong economy after Brexit.

The social care changes proposed are that the value of someone's property would be included in the means test for receiving free care in their own home - now only their income and savings are taken into account. Under the Tory plans, that will only be available for the poorest OAPs.

"I do feel very disappointed for all of us, the millions of people who are very, very anxious about this, and I'm a bit surprised, because what social care is is a classic example of a market failure where the private sector can not do what's needed".

In order to make the system sustainable, the value of someone's property will now be included in the means test for care in their own home, meaning more people will be liable to contribute to the cost of being looked after.

"It's a big step forward but we're being honest about the trade-offs", he added.

Critics say many families will still be left with huge debts as a result of social care, with homes left in inheritances having to be sold to pay them off.

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Instead, the Conservatives have revealed they would quadruple the existing limit on assets required to make savers liable for the cost of care. According to The Times, that move would save approximately £1.3bn.

The Liberal Democrats have branded Mrs May the "lunch snatcher" after her plan to end another coalition policy, the introduction of universal free school lunches for all infants.

The Prime Minister will say that will make sure no school loses out in cash terms through the proposed new school funding formula, which is created to equalise the allocation of resources around the country.

Funding for schools will increase by £4 billion by 2022, the Conservatives have pledged as the party bids to ease backbench concerns. The farcical scenes in March further highlighted the urgency around the need for extra money.

"The choice at this election is between Theresa May, offering strong and stable leadership and more money for schools, or a shambolic Jeremy Corbyn whose sums don't add up and whose nonsensical economic ideas would mean less money for schools".

Mrs May said she was maintaining Mr Cameron's controversial target to reduce net immigration below 100,000 - something she failed to do in six years as Home Secretary.

The Tory manifesto stresses a continued effort to "bear down on immigration from outside the European Union", including overseas students.

Another area likely to affect Indians is the proposed increase in the Immigration Skills Charge that every British employer has to pay to hire a non-EU professional.

"And we will increase the Immigration Health Surcharge, to £600 for migrant workers and £450 for worldwide students, to cover their use of the NHS".

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