Texas girl chokes on fidget spinner part

Amos Gonzales
May 18, 2017

Joniec wrote in her post that Britton, whose age was not revealed, was taken via ambulance to Texas Children's Hospital where an X-ray showed part of the spinner bushing lodged in her esophagus.

And Kelly recently discovered that the plastic-and-metal devices can be unsafe as well.

She wrote in her Facebook post that she was driving Britton home on Saturday when she heard "an odd retching noise in the back seat". It's unclear how old her daughter is, but she mentions that the toys are risky for children under 8 years old. When she looked in the rearview mirror, she saw Britton, red-faced with drool pouring from her mouth. Thankfully, the gastroenterologist was able to successfully remove the object through endoscopic surgery.

After attempting the Heimlich maneuver to no avail, Joniec wrote that she drove to a local urgent care clinic, where Britton was checked for choking.

When she pulled her vehicle over, the girl indicated she had swallowed a part of her fidget spinner.

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A mother is sharing her experience with others in hopes that it will be a warning for parents to understand the choking hazards of the latest trend.

Doctors performed an upper endoscopy to safely remove the bearing.

Britton Joniac's mother shared their ordeal on Facebook on Tuesday (May 16) as a warning to other parents, and the post has been shared more than 600,000 times. "Not only because of the initial ingestion, but then the concern about the composition and structure of the object, and finally, the risk with general anesthesia".

Her words are beyond chilling because so many kids are using these gadgets, and they apparently come apart all too easily.

What are fidget spinners and why do teachers hate them? Kesterson told WSB-TV that the toy had not come with any language indicating that it could come apart or be a choking hazard, and was not recommended for any specific age range. Some schools in Manchester, England, made headlines recently when they announced a fidget toy ban via text message, enraging parents of special-needs students in the process.

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