Report claims Nintendo is bringing The Legend of Zelda to mobile

Fernando Stephens
May 18, 2017

Nintendo is preparing a Legend of Zelda game for mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

If the smartphone versions of Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run are anything to go by, The Legend of Zelda's smartphone version will most likely be a simplified iteration. The company's next smartphone game will be based on Animal Crossing, its popular life simulator series whose addicting town-building gameplay should be a ideal fit for touchscreens.

Interestingly enough, even though confirmation is still lacking, that has not kept some fans from trying to guess at what a potential "Legend of Zelda" mobile game could ultimately be like.

So, Nintendo is giving standard mobile devices a lot of attention. This next year, it hopes to make over five times that amount, crossing the ¥100 billion mark when it delivers its annual earnings report. It was also not reported if the games would be purchased as a one-time fee game like the "Super Mario Run" or the free-to-play "Fire Emblem Heroes".

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With analysts speculating the 3DS will end its run in 2018, perhaps Nintendo's distant future is placing its main games on the Switch while relying on Android/iOS as a secondary platform.

Of course, Japanese studio DeNA will be taking on development duties once again as Nintendo's official mobile partner. Apparently, The Pokemon Company is now working on a new card-based game for the franchise for release later this year. This comes after the success of "Pokemon GO". While Nintendo doesn't wholly own The Pokemon Company, it does hold a 32 percent stake in the company. The game, as shared by the sources, will be a card-based title.

The Super Mario Run model would make sense for Zelda - Nintendo could adopt the 2D, top-down action from classic Zelda games, and give players a series of short, increasingly hard dungeons to run through.

Nintendo plans on riding the massive wave of popularity and success it is on right now thanks to its new Switch console. In addition, "Breath of the Wild" sold an additional 460,000 units for the Wii console for the same period.

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