Nikki Haley Tells Countries to Choose Between US, North Korea

Amos Gonzales
May 17, 2017

Vietnam's state media said on Tuesday more than 200 computers had been affected.

Kaspersky Lab stated that it is important for researchers around the world to investigate the similarities of the code to find the origin of the WannaCry cyberattack.

Hauri researcher Choi said the code bore similarities with those allegedly used by North Korean hackers in the Sony and bank heists.

Choi is one of a number of researchers around the world who have suggested a possible link between the "ransomware" known as WannaCry and hackers linked to North Korea.

North Korea and the rich, democratic South are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

Proofpoint executive Ryan Kalember said the authors may have earned more than $1 million, far more than has been generated by the WannaCry attack. "We can not be in a "wait and see" mode until the next provocation occurs. It's still too early to say anything", said senior agency spokesman, Jan Op Gen Oorth.

Though North Korea has never admitted any involvement in the Sony Pictures hack, security researchers and the USA government are confident in the theory and neither can rule out the possibility of a false flag.

More attacks were possible, Choi said, "especially given that, unlike missile or nuclear tests, they can deny their involvement in attacks in cyberspace and get away with it".

Sessions Tells Prosecutors to Seek Harsher Punishments
In a statement , Paul said the reprisal of the "tough on crime" policy isn't a good idea. If you want to collect a drug debt, you can't, and don't, file a lawsuit in court.

"The conversations that I have had and that have been made with my counterpart and in dealing with Beijing is that, if [North Korea] did something else, and if it looked to be long-range - which this does - and if it looks like it's proactively leaning toward an ICBM - which it does - then we would take action", Haley told reporters.

He also said the North is estimated to have enough plutonium and highly enriched uranium for 20 to 25 nuclear weapons.

Europol said the situation was "stable" after attacks that struck computers in British hospital wards, European auto factories and Russian banks.

These cyber security experts may presume that the country is responsible. She said there are steps users can take to protect themselves and their information. WannaCry also includes software that was stolen from the US National Security Agency [official website] and illegally published online in April.

Han said the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) anti-missile unit deployed by the USA military in the South detected the North Korean missile, marking the first time the controversial system has been put to use since its deployment last month. After it was used, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith called out the USA government for "stockpiling" vulnerabilities.

United States package delivery giant FedEx, Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica and Germany's Deutsche Bahn rail network were among those hit.

WannaCry has been characterized as a sloppy attack with poor money handling on the ransom end, putting an nearly absurdly small sum in the hackers' Bitcoin account compared to the scale of global havoc they have inflicted.

In the current attack, hackers demand payment from victims in bitcoins to regain access to their encrypted computers. Even paying the ransom can come with a risk, she said.

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