Ivanka Trump to take part in presidential trip

Jay Anderson
May 20, 2017

This trip will be the first that Trump has taken since taking office where he has spent a night away from the White House at a property that doesn't bear his name.

His advisors are already talking about a historic trip: Donald Trump is the first USA president since Jimmy Carter whose first global trip begins not in Canada or Mexico but in Saudi Arabia - far away from escalating problems at home.

In fact, Trump is the first president since Jimmy Carter whose first foreign destination wasn't Mexico or Canada. She will also take part in a meeting with the Pope.

Even so, the Trumps may be wise to keep in mind the optics of their trip. Every first trip is over-scrutinized. "Getting ready for my big foreign trip", wrote Trump.

In Israel, Ivanka Trump - who converted to Judaism when she married husband Jared Kushner - will visit the Western Wall with the president.

Trump will also seek to increase investment ties between the two nations, including a $100 billion arms sale from the U.S.

"The mood music is going to be very different than during the Obama presidency", said the Heritage Foundation's Gardiner.

But the real estate magnate will still need to explain to foreign partners how his favorite slogan - "America First" - can be compatible with multilateralism.

Catchphrases aside, many questions remain unanswered.

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On today's first Saudi stop of the trip, Trump will reportedly try to fix the Islamophobic image he made for himself during last year's presidential campaign, and take part in what is being described in Riyadh as a "historic meeting".

McMaster said Trump would deliver a speech in Saudi Arabia expressing hope that a peaceful vision of Islam would resonate worldwide.

Unlike his predecessor in Cairo in 2009, Trump's speech in Riyadh will be aimed not at the people of the Arab world but at their leaders. "The president during his campaign made it pretty clear that he'd like to get out of these wars in the broader Middle East, but... his first stop is the Middle East". A series of diplomatic incidents over this past week have already cast a shadow on Trump's visit to Israel, and on his aspiration to restart the peace process with the Palestinians: the issue of moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem (a campaign promise Trump is now putting off and will not announce during this visit); the status of the Western Wall, and not least of all, Trump's leaking of classified information to the Russians that compromised a valuable Israeli intelligence source.

McBride said Trump has already proven an astute and "excellent hostess for our country in how she has greeted and entertained her foreign counterparts and foreign guests". He will later meet North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military leaders in Brussels.

Trump will meet members of the North Atlantic alliance in Brussels, before heading on to a G7 summit in Taormina, a picturesque Sicilian town overlooking the Mediterranean. The former president's policy on Iran damaged United States relations with the Saudis, Gardiner explained. He has since said and done things suggesting maybe.

Matters do not get much easier for Trump in Europe, where he could encounter a frosty reception following his criticisms of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and his aides' ambivalent feelings about the European Union. He has made fighting the jihadist group a top priority. Such claims are an insult to common intelligence, when we know that it is the American CIA and their Saudi client regime who have bankrolled and directed terrorism across the entire Middle East over many years in order to serve hegemonic interests of regime change.

"I think it is striking", Elliot Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) said of Trump's travel route.

"The American media concentrated on the Watergate scandal, they treated the trip as a side show. and the Watergate scandal kept dripping and dripping".

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