Hinting at secret tapes, Trump warns ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Jay Anderson
May 18, 2017

The swirling controversy has obliterated any momentum from the House passage of the Republican health care bill last week and threatens to overshadow Trump's first worldwide trip, beginning next week, in which the president will meet with leaders in both the Middle East and Europe.

Trump's warning to fired FBI Director James Comey prompted new accusations of interference in an investigation into allegations of collaboration between Russian Federation and the Trump presidential campaign a year ago.

Trump, in an NBC interview Thursday, said that he had been intending to fire Comey - whom he derided as a "showboat" and "grandstander" - for months and that it had nothing to do with the Russian Federation investigation. Later in the dinner, Trump again said to Comey that he needed his loyalty.

Wallace added the lack of communication within the White House over Comey's firing was an issue that demonstrated Trump's lack of trust in his own people-possibly explaining why there was no one willing to talk through the surprise sacking on the shows. Surely, they argue, Comey would have known better.

"My gut reaction? No way would Comey ever tell him that".

Schiff also responded to Trump's recent suggestion that his administration may no longer hold press briefings.

The broadcaster quoted its source familiar with the matter as saying of the dinner between Comey and Trump on January 27 that it came at Trump's request and was one-on-one. "I think as well our institutions are under assault internally".

Former FBI Director James Comey leaves his home in McLean, Va., Saturday, May 13, 2017.

Standard FBI policy dictates that employees are not to confirm or deny details about active investigations. "This demands a serious, down-the-middle investigation", he said.

Asked at Wednesday's White House news briefing whether loyalty was a factor in picking a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director, Sanders said Trump wanted someone who is "loyal to the justice system". The ethical guidance is not legally binding, though it's generally respected in order to shield investigations from political pressure.

"If you've seen him under sworn testimony, he just doesn't comment on things he's not supposed to".

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Democrats and the media have continued to fault the timing for Mr. Comey's sack following ongoing investigations into alleged collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation in the November 8 presidential election.

Even before Trump's provocative tweets, the White House was scrambling to clarify why Comey was sacked.

The broadcaster also reported that former FBI Director James Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" of conversations between him and President Donald Trump, adding that "if there is a tape, there's nothing he is anxious about" that could be on it.

Trump did not say whether he asked Comey for his loyalty. "In fact, we have wiretaps all over you"?"

"I didn't ask that question directly, 'had you already made that decision, '" Sanders said at Thursday's press briefing.

The FBI director serves a 10-year term but can be replaced by the president. Making an appeal over dinner to the president to keep his position strikes Gomez as sounding out of character for Comey.

"He's not the kind of guy who would ask the president over dinner to save his job, so I don't believe that for a second".

Rogers was a former FBI special agent and chairman of the House intelligence committee before becoming a CNN national security commentator and has the endorsement of the FBI Agents Association.

Then on Thursday, Trump told NBC anchor Lester Holt that the decision to fire Comey was his alone and that he would have made it "regardless" of what Rosenstein recommended.

Lawmakers from both parties reprimanded Trump's actions, which included shifting explanations from the White House for Comey's dismissal and an ominous tweet by Trump that warned Comey against leaks to the press because he may have "tapes" of their conversations.

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