Google gets you info by pointing camera at it

Fernando Stephens
May 18, 2017

During today's I/O 2017 keynote, Google detailed Android O and released the second developer preview of the future OS upgrade. It can see, it can (finally) work on your iPhone, and starting this summer, Google Assistant will be able to detect and respond in French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese and Japanese. Users will also be able to type commands to Google Home from their phone, rather than speak them, and have access to a transcript of the history of conversations with the device. The company announced the release of the Android O Developer Preview 2, which comes with notification dots, a new way for developers to surface activity in their apps.

This area is where you can see just how much Google Lens has improved on Google Goggles.

Google's digital assistant is hoping to outsmart Siri on Apple's iPhone.

Google started showing off its AI tech with a smart feature that can filter out obstructions in the way of subjects in a photo, for example intelligently removing a fence obstructing the view of a person behind it.

Android O's upcoming Picture-In-Picture mode built at the system level was demonstrated. Google's financial success with the Assistant may need to rely on commerce, rather than the advertising that supports its main business of text-based online search. You can also download videos while connected to Wi-fi, and even share saved videos with others using YouTube Go to conserve data.

French President Macron to travel to Africa on Friday
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated Edouard Philippe on his appointment as French Prime Minister. She said: "I will of course discuss this with him, and I will say (we are) open to getting something done together".

Google is taking an approach similar to Amazon's Alexa with their Assistant AI, spreading it from platform to platform and giving it the ability to grow outside of the Android ecosystem.

Google has also added hands-free calling to the Home, but curiously only mentioned that it will place free calls to landlines.

Lens features are rolling out to Android in the coming months. It'll perform a security scan of all the Android app you install on your device.

The world looks out for a new Android every year and Google unveiled the Beta version of its latest Android O for Pixel devices. The new Android version, codenamed Android O, is now available as a beta, and the finished version will probably roll out to devices some time this year.

Google Assistant which is already loved by a lot of people for it's AI features and smart replies. That means your Home can nag you with notifications about what's on your schedule or traffic alerts. "In an AI-first world we are thinking through all our products", said Pichai. Google is also adding new skills to the assistant, incorporating its "lens" tool, which lets people point their cameras at things to get more information about them.

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