FedEx confirms it was hit by global malware attack

Joan Terry
May 18, 2017

Microsoft was quick to change its policy, announcing free security patches to fix this vulnerability in the older Windows systems still used by millions of individuals and smaller businesses.

"There's some truth to the idea that people are always going to hack themselves", said Dan Wire, a spokesman for security firm FireEye.

On social media students complained about not being able to access their work, and people in various cities said they hadn't been able to take their driving tests over the weekend because some local traffic police systems were down.

In a blog post Sunday, Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, said that the USA espionage agency authored the software that was eventually stolen and made its way into the hands of hackers who used it in the assault that has disrupted computers in at least 150 countries. Once it infects one device in an organization, it quickly replicates and spreads to all connected devices. The spread of the virus slowed over the weekend but the respite might only be brief, experts have warned.

Unfortunately, having identified the flaw, the agency lost the information before it could devise any counter measures, prompting calls from Smith for 'a new requirement for governments to report vulnerabilities to vendors, rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit them'. The malware encrypts files. Recovery from backups is one of them.

Here Everything you need to Know: Bank ATMs all over India be affected by WannaCry worm worldwide assault that locks PCs and requests a payment, digital security specialists said on Monday.

"There have been critical situations also, for example, when the virus hits a hospital's database".

Last but not the least, make sure that you run a backup of your system files regularly. The White House right now is saying that less than $70,000 in ransom has been paid and that none of that led to people actually getting their data back.

Japan economy expands at 2.2 percent annual pace in Jan-Mar
Still, some economists played down the deceleration in investment as the aftermath of a surge in the previous quarter. Shipments to China have generally been rising and global smartphone demand has boosted exports of components.

The latest ransomware was successful because of a confluence of factors. Microsoft had "patched", or fixed it, in updates of recent versions of Windows since March, but many users did not apply the software fix. Updating software will take care of some vulnerability. While a United Kingdom security researcher managed to stop the spread of the virus, hackers have issued new versions that cybersecurity organizations are trying to counter and stamp out. "I hope that if another attack occurs, the damage will be a lot less". It infected computers running on older versions of Microsoft operating systems like XP, locking access to files on the computer.

WannaCry affects systems that are behind in their Windows patching.

The British government denied allegations that lax cybersecurity in the financially stretched, state-funded health service had helped the attack spread.

Here's what you should do to protect yourself.

Beware of unknown emails, especially if there are attachments or links. The other is to disable a type of software that connects computers to printers and faxes, which the virus exploits, O'Leary added. Hackers will sometimes encourage you to keep your computer on and linked to the network, but don't be fooled. The hackers then demand $300 in order to release control of the files.

China is preparing to enforce a wide-reaching cyber security law that US business groups say will threaten the operations of foreign firms in the country with strict local data storage laws and stringent surveillance requirements.

"You are dealing with a criminal", he said.

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