Dozens hurt after car rams into Times Square crowd

Cameron Gross
May 19, 2017

A speeding vehicle has struck pedestrians in New York City's Times Square, killing one person and injuring 19 others.

VIDEO: Students from Philadelphia in Times Square at time of crashThe driver was tackled by pedestrians and taken into custody. Police Commissioner James O'Neill says the crash doesn't appear to be related to terrorism.

The red Honda auto crashed into a pole and came to rest at W45th Street and Broadway.Officials said Rojas made a U-turn onto a sidewalk in Times Square. Police officers and civilians apprehended the driver, and 22 people have been taken to the hospital for treatments; four are in critical condition.

Speaking to reporters Thursday afternoon, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the crash was not an act of terror.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted that President Donald Trump had been made aware of the situation. "He didn't stop. He just kept going", Lowe said. He turned around and saw the vehicle hitting people on the sidewalk.

With peak tourist season beginning in NY with the advent of summers, the already crowded Times Square will see hundreds of thousands of visitors from all across the world.

Authorities said the driver is a USA citizen and former member of the Navy who has a criminal history that includes arrests for driving while intoxicated. "That being said, we are reinforcing key places in the city....major sites in the city will get additional police coverage".

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Rojas initially tested negative for alcohol, but more detailed testing was being carried out, according to two police officials.

The suspect in the horrific vehicle crash in Times Square on May 18 has been identified as Richard Rojas, a 26-year-old New Yorker. He said he looked out and saw what appeared to be a body lying on the street in front of the building.

Richard Rojas is a a 26-year-old man from the Bronx.

He has been arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated twice, losing his licence for 90 days in 2015, and was arrested for pointing a knife at a notary he accused of stealing his identity last week. Police pursued the driver on foot and apprehended him a few blocks from the scene of the crash.

A person was photographed lying on the ground covered with a bloodstained blanket.

Police and fire officials closed off an area of several blocks. The vehicle involved in the incident could be seen on two wheels after coming to a halt on a lamp post, near the intersection of 42nd and Broadway. "I don't think there was actually time for screaming".

Times Square supports 10% of New York City's jobs, with more than 170,000 workers in the area ranging from retail and hotels to major financial institutions and cable networks.

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