Britain will face 'price' for limiting immigration, warns Angela Merkel

Joan Terry
May 18, 2017

Mr Farage was speaking as the European Parliament met to discuss last month's Special European Council at which the EU's Brexit negotiating strategy was formally approved by EU 27 leaders.

He also said that he had no intention of ending up without an agreement with London on the terms of Britain's departure in 2019.

According to the European Union, the United Kingdom blocked the budget stating it had to wait until after the General Election on 8 June before making a decision.

"Only once there is sufficient progress on these priorities can we proceed to the next phase of the negotiations about our future relations", Tusk insisted, adding "and it will be for the European Council of 27 to decide if and when we have achieved sufficient progress".

Barnier was in the European Parliament on Wednesday (17 May) for a plenary debrief and debate with MEPs on the latest EU summit meeting, which formally adopted the EU's guidelines for the Brexit negotiation.

"We want to conclude a deal with the U.K., not against the U.K.", Barnier said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the Brexit process is in the hands of "divorce lawyers", signaling to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May that she will have limited political scope to influence the negotiations.

The EU would "naturally" consider the interests of the 48 percent of Britons who had voted against Brexit, she said, but it was for trade unions to push for a level playing field between Britain and the bloc to be preserved to minimise disruption to British employers and employees."The British auto industry lives on supplies from continental European countries", she said.

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He repeated that he had never himself cited a figure for the possible bill Britain would have to pay.

"It is clear that a free trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which is what the United Kingdom has chosen, even if it is ambitious and wide-ranging, can not mean participation in the single market or its parts", he said. It is not Mr Barnier who is going to set a figure.

"We will work with the British, calmly and without fuss", he said, "To find an agreement on the commitments which have been made".

"I certainly don't intend to have no deal or a bad deal", Barnier told MEPs.

Juncker reportedly said that May was delusional and lived in a "different galaxy".

He described a situation in which the details of confidential conversations were "blabbed to an opposition newspaper", adding: "I don't know, Mr Juncker, whether this is how you carry on in Luxembourg. I doubt it, because in any part of the civilized world frankly that behavior would be considered to be bloody rude and the act of a bully".

"I tell you something", Farage continued, pointing at Juncker, "your attempt to bully the Brits through this negotiation is not working".

'Either we get some grown-up, reasonable demands from the European Union or the United Kingdom will be forced to walk away before the end of this year.

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