Assistant finally lets you type to ask questions on your phone

Fernando Stephens
May 19, 2017

You could go and watch the two hour long keynote, or you could check out T3's excellent condensed notes. Google releases a new version of it on a yearly basis.

But wait it gets even better - users can point Google Lens to a router sticker and have it automatically connect to a network.

Google Lens is finally here, and it looks pretty cool. We'll learn much more about TensorFlow Lite as Google I/O progresses. Google is also opening up Home's Bluetooth access, so users can now treat the device like any other Bluetooth speaker they have. This will be great for friends' houses with insane long, random Wi-Fi passwords that you never get right the first time. Assistant will also recognize tickets, music, calendar appointments, and you have the ability to add the details to your calendar.

"Integrating our full suite of connected appliances with the Google Assistant makes it easier for owners to control their appliances and get on with their day". Now it seems Assistant has attended a butler school, and picked up some new tricks along the way.

A new service called Google Lens will give Assistant a new power. Predictably, Google is promising that Android O will offer improved battery life and faster load times, but we'll have to wait until final code is available on real devices to see how true those claims are.

In chemistry, Pichai said the company's tools could be used to develop synthetic molecules for the drug discovery and material science industry that can be tailor-made to behave in certain pre-defined ways.

Flipkart, Amazon top LinkedIn's companies list
Tesla gives all employees access to drive a Tesla Roadster and the occasional opportunity to take one home for the weekend. LinkedIn notes that Uber offers employees monthly ride credits and provides attractive equity plans to many on staff.

Google has updated its support page for partners and services to add 11 new companies.

Home will be proactive, giving you notifications in advance for things like flight delays and traffic alerts.

The unbelievable calling feature of Google Home will allow the users to make hands-free phone calls through the connected speaker.

While Java has been the standard programming language for Android, many have deemed it to be limiting. What's exciting is that these will be part of a new category of VR devices - standalone headsets.

Google believes that the future lies in artificial intelligence (AI), as shown in its Google I/O developer conference on Wednesday (May 17).

The Copy Less feature of Android O combines machine learning and computer vision to help cut down the number of times that users need to copy text from one app and paste it in another. To presumably rectify that blasphemy, Android O brings a complete redesign of its old and new emojis, making the smileys round-shaped, consistent with all the other operating systems.

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